new sponsor: Pedego Electric Bikes Kailua

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I am so HAPPY to announce that I am now partnered up with Pedego Electric Bikes Kailua!

Ever since I started broadcasting on Periscope I’ve always felt the urge to not only share our beauty… but also share our local businesses here in Hawaii. It is such a blessing to be in a great community like Kailua. And an even greater joy to work with a local business.

For those of you that have been asking me about the rates for rentals and prices of the bikes you can browse their website for more info. Keep in mind that I will be announcing special rental rates and deals for those of you who are my followers.


I have often been asked on things to do while in Hawaii… well here is one idea… Rent a bike while you are here. It is amazing how many new things I have seen today just riding for 30minutes. Another great thing about biking Kailua is that it’s one less car on the road:)

a quote from their website: 

Electric bikes are a perfect way to have fun! On a Pedego you can spend time getting exercise and fresh air, enjoying the outside environment and taking in the beautiful areas of Kailua. These bikes operate like normal beach cruisers, but hop to life with the twist of a throttle. They offer accessibility and ease of transportation for many people who have since been unable to ride bikes due to health reasons. “What’s the best part about an electric bike,” you might ask? They’re easy to ride and the best way to explore the coast!”

If you are planning a vaction to visit us here on Oahu message me and I direct you to see Braddah Mark or Chandelle at the shop in Kailua.


When you do decide to vacation here on Oahu you will receive a 10% discount off bike rental rates. If you are planning to purchase a Pedego Electric Bike, email me and we will set you up with a “GLOhana” discount.

Let me say how GRATEFUL I am to Braddah Mark and his staff for being so accomdating. I wish them much SUCCESS – please visit them at their website at






My top 5 places to eat on Oahu

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Aloha everyone. This is a quick list that was comprised for my Periscope viewers that are planning to travel here. Keep in mind that much more could have been added to this list…But I simplified it as much as possible


  1. Helenas Hawaiian Food – – they have the best hawaiian food period. Unless you know a Hawaiian and they invite you to a family luau… Helenas is your best bet. They are closed on Tuesdays and only take cash
  2. L&L – they are not the healthiest, but its a place that all the locals know about. They have everything from Hawaiian to Japanese, Chinese and Korean.. and of course burgers.
  3. Zippys – the best local food plus a great bakery.One of my all time dishes is their Zip Min. Its a hearty Ramen dish. go to
  4. Buzzs Steak house in Lanikai- pricey, but they have good steaks and drinks. They also have a great selection of locally sourced ingredients
  5. Boots and Kimos – if you can justify waiting in line for 1 hour… you have to get one item… Pancakes with their WORLD FAMOUS macadamia nut sauce.

If you’re not a good swimmer…

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Don’t get in the water. If you are visiting us here in the islands… Please make sure you read our signs. If the sign says “no swimming” what it really says is: “I am the lifeguard that posted this sign because I do not want to save you from drowning.”

With Hawaii dodging 2 hurricanes I felt compelled to write this. Another topic I also find really cool is breathing. Big wave surfers and free divers understand  breathing and relaxing under extreme stress. The world record for a man holding his breath under water is 22 mins and 22 seconds. It’s common knowledge that big wave surfers can easily hold their breath up to five minutes.

Most tourists drown because they panic or simply can’t swim and end up taking in water. learning how to hold ones breath is probably an essential that might help save your life. If you are not a good swimmer or cannot hold your breath for 30 seconds under stress… stay out of our oceans during high surf…or a hurricane. LOL.