Speaking at Social Media Event 10/06/2016

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Social Media. One of the most powerful tools on the planet. It has the power to change the direction of a nation. It has the power to reach billions. It also has forced the final hand of traditional news media. It has also forced network television to revamp their approach to entertainment. Businesses cannot ignore the footprint that social media has created. Enter the world of live streaming.


I will be speaking to a few of the industry’s top leaders in Social Media   on how I’ve built a community via Periscope. I will also expound on how I’ve used live streaming to develop my brand. {darealglo.com} The event will be held at 3660 on the Rise in Honolulu (10-06-16) at 5:30pm – 9:30pm (HST) The core topic of discussion: The social media trends of live video.


      Social Media Club Hawaii (SMCHI) quote from their FB page :

Social Media Club shares best practices, establishes ethics and standards, and is promoting media literacy. This is the beginning of a global conversation about building an organization and a community where the many diverse groups of people who care about social media can come together to discover, connect, share and learn.


Someone had contacted me after seeing one of my live streams on Periscope. They asked me to share my experiences at this event.. I agreed. Never underestimate the power of your broadcasts! People are watching…


I’m humbled by the fact that someone took notice and seen something valuable in my content. So when I looked it over I thought about the benefits of meeting all those amazing people it was a no brainer. Just to be able to connect with like-minded people is worth it. Hopefully I’ll pick up some new insights.


If you are in Honolulu on that day… Attend. If you can’t be here… watch it on periscope. Tickets are available for $15 via their eventbrite link. If you cannot attend or be there for my live scope please share this out. I hope to see everyone there!!! screenshot_20160930-230058


Outside the Prison Walls: enough is enough

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This was me today. Outside the barbed wire fence of Oahu Community Correctional Center.(OCCC,  One of our prisons here in Hawaii). I joined a team of about sixty people all led by Life Church Hawaii . Led by Pastor Shannon, we paced the perimeter fence from 5pm to 5:30pm –

One thing evident today was the diverse group of people walking outside the perimeter of OCCC. We had pastors, teachers, blue-collar workers, musicians, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunties and prison guards to name a few. Yes… prison guards. We also had a family visiting from Alaska walking and praying with us. We even had a group of young men representing a traveling music group called Become . We also had 1,600 live viewers in attendance via Periscope! Crazy stuff. 


After many years of working in the state prison system Pastor Shannon has been a part of many ground breaking ministries. Todays event was birthed out of a passion to be Gods hands on the ground. Anyone that knows the prison system knows that it can be a dark place. What many don’t realize is that it’s a dark place for inmates and guards. Suicide is a common and unfortunate outcome of both sides of the law.

We had one mission: to infiltrate the walls of OCCC… After speaking with Pastor Shannon (who is a guard here) I got a glimpse into his heart and passion for todays “prayer walk”. Inmates need prayer to be free from spiritual and physical bondage. Pornography, Drug abuse, gang violence, mental bondage, and loneliness are a few of the massive lies the enemy has placed on our inmates and guards here. Walking and praying on the outside of OCCC started what we believe to be a TSUNAMI of breakthrough of Gods love over our prison system. Pastor Shannon likened todays inaugural prayer walk to the walls of Jericho (Joshua 6).

“Our mission today was not to infiltrate and destroy the physical walls of our prison. We do need the walls there. There are people inside for a reason, and they need to do their time. But we are here to break down the spiritual walls that the enemy has placed upon our prison system” 



Pastor Shannon envisions teams eventually traveling throughout the state doing exactly what we did today. To petition the courts of heaven on behalf of our inmates and guards. What is really amazing is that the warden had mentioned that today’s event was urgently needed. Another epic point to bring out is that you rarely hear about prison guards walking the perimeter of their workplace to pray for the environment they are in daily.

By keeping the event outside the walls tons of red tape was avoided. No permission was needed. We were on public grounds.  And that’s okay… we have men like Pastor Shannon taking the roles of special ops while we take it on from the outside! God is definitely a God of BREAKTHROUGH. 

Much mahalos to Pastor Shannon to being obedient to Gods word and leading the charge today. After seeing many men in the prison system fall prey to spiritual bondage it was time to take authority and say “enough is enough” .

Those of you that witnessed this event today on periscope… Mahalo! If you missed it you can watch it here –> Outside the Prison Walls Hawaii



new sponsor: Pedego Electric Bikes Kailua

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I am so HAPPY to announce that I am now partnered up with Pedego Electric Bikes Kailua!

Ever since I started broadcasting on Periscope I’ve always felt the urge to not only share our beauty… but also share our local businesses here in Hawaii. It is such a blessing to be in a great community like Kailua. And an even greater joy to work with a local business.

For those of you that have been asking me about the rates for rentals and prices of the bikes you can browse their website for more info. Keep in mind that I will be announcing special rental rates and deals for those of you who are my followers.


I have often been asked on things to do while in Hawaii… well here is one idea… Rent a bike while you are here. It is amazing how many new things I have seen today just riding for 30minutes. Another great thing about biking Kailua is that it’s one less car on the road:)

a quote from their website: 

Electric bikes are a perfect way to have fun! On a Pedego you can spend time getting exercise and fresh air, enjoying the outside environment and taking in the beautiful areas of Kailua. These bikes operate like normal beach cruisers, but hop to life with the twist of a throttle. They offer accessibility and ease of transportation for many people who have since been unable to ride bikes due to health reasons. “What’s the best part about an electric bike,” you might ask? They’re easy to ride and the best way to explore the coast!”

If you are planning a vaction to visit us here on Oahu message me and I direct you to see Braddah Mark or Chandelle at the shop in Kailua.


When you do decide to vacation here on Oahu you will receive a 10% discount off bike rental rates. If you are planning to purchase a Pedego Electric Bike, email me and we will set you up with a “GLOhana” discount.

Let me say how GRATEFUL I am to Braddah Mark and his staff for being so accomdating. I wish them much SUCCESS – please visit them at their website at https://www.pedegoelectricbikes.com/dealers/kailua







My top 5 places to eat on Oahu

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Aloha everyone. This is a quick list that was comprised for my Periscope viewers that are planning to travel here. Keep in mind that much more could have been added to this list…But I simplified it as much as possible


  1. Helenas Hawaiian Food – http://www.helenashawaiianfood.com – they have the best hawaiian food period. Unless you know a Hawaiian and they invite you to a family luau… Helenas is your best bet. They are closed on Tuesdays and only take cash
  2. L&L – they are not the healthiest, but its a place that all the locals know about. They have everything from Hawaiian to Japanese, Chinese and Korean.. and of course burgers. http://HawaiianBarbecue.com
  3. Zippys – the best local food plus a great bakery.One of my all time dishes is their Zip Min. Its a hearty Ramen dish. go to http://www.zippys.com
  4. Buzzs Steak house in Lanikai- pricey, but they have good steaks and drinks. They also have a great selection of locally sourced ingredients http://www.buzzsoriginalsteakhouse.com
  5. Boots and Kimos – if you can justify waiting in line for 1 hour… you have to get one item… Pancakes with their WORLD FAMOUS macadamia nut sauce. http://www.bootsnkimos.com

A New Chapter

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In the last week of August I started a new chapter in my live streaming journey.

I officially started a partnership with Arkon Mounts. Anyone who is avidly involved in social media knows who they are. They’ve been at the forefront of offering us the broadcasters the best tools available to share our life with you guys the viewers. They offer mobile mounting solutions for everything android, apple and gopro. Aaron from Arkon has been very gracious by offering my supporters a 20% discount on their products by entering promo code “hawaii” at checkout. Pretty cool beans… Cheeeee!

Anyone interested in browsing their inventory and purchasing an item from them can do so at https://arkon.com ( don’t forget “hawaii” code)

To all of you who have been supporting me from the beginning… hopefully this partnership offers you something pretty cool to add to your social media “toolbox”



G. Lo