Hole in the wall restaurant in Hawaii…



Welcome to Hano No Sato. Emily and I found this little “hole in the wall” restaurant in the heart of Waikiki. We walked 5 minutes from our hotel room to get some Ramen. As soon as we arrived there was one problem. No Ramen. We discussed the possibility of leaving for about three minutes. I’m glad we stayed. Emily ordered Hamachi Sashimi and I ordered Ahi Sashimi to start. Da buggahs was ONO! (tasty) The Yellowtail (Hamachi) sashimi was buttery and light and the same time… Rich and flavorful. The Ahi was perfect. Firm and beautiful texture in every bite. [pic below]


For our “main course” we ordered Steak and Toro Yukke [similar to Hawaiian sweet Poke]. For the most part I always eat my steak medium. Even though this was a sushi restaurant I took a chance on the steak. [I had some far-fetched fantasy that I would be served Kobe Beef LOL] Ems Toro Yukke was “ok” as I didn’t come here to eat Poke. As our main courses came out our side dishes came out as well. I can’t tell you what they were as I didn’t ask  LOL. All I know is that they were really tasty! Taking my first bite into that steak was a delight. It was tender and cooked EXACTLY as I ordered it. Simple. No sauces. Just salt and pepper. There is not much I can say about the food because it was simple and fresh. Nothing complicated just good food prepared perfectly.

If there is one drawback (and it’s actually a plus) is the fact that this place is isolated. It’s not visible from the street… Its hidden under a staircase in a dark alley. There is approximately 30 seats total in this place. But the major benefit of a place like this… It’s exclusive to those who know about it. The next time I go there I will try the welk sashimi.


Total bill with tip: 80 bucks. Worth it? Definitely. The address? I won’t tell you. When you come to Hawaii I will tell you how to get there 🙂