Live Streaming Tools: Arkon

Aloha everyone!


Yesterday I announced that Arkon Mounts will be extending another 20% discount to all my “GLOhana” – so i decided to do a product review on a Dual Broadcaster that I received from Braddah Aaron at Arkon.

One thing I have to emphasize is that their products are SOLID. Those of you that have been following for the past year know that I have a pretty extensive live streaming equipment graveyard LOL! So it’s always a pleasure for me to share with you guys the equipment that I use from them.

In a nutshell the dual broadcaster I used is perfect for people who are broadcasting multiple platforms. (FB Live, Livestream, Busker and Periscope to name a few) But if you’re not one of those yet.. You can use the iPad mini mount as a monitor for reading comments.

Here are the model numbers for those of you that are going to order the equipment I broadcasted. (HD8TAB29 & TWBHDSM6) for a better understanding of how everything looks you can watch the video here –> Demo Video

When you are at checkout don’t forget to enter the promo code “hawaii” at checkout to receive 20% off. The promo expires 10am PST January 2, 2017. 

Thank you all for taking the time to read this… hope to catch you LIVE on my next broadcast. Cheee!