From my Heart 09/15


During one of my broadcasts on Periscope today I talked briefly about the testimony of my children. As usual with a lot of my broadcasts I find a subject and just go full throttle… and then pull back a little. I’ve made a decision many months ago to keep scopes true to their “category” once I click “start broadcast”

So here we are. Explaining on a little deeper note on what was in my heart today. Many of you know that we are not “supposed to have children” – The doctor even gave my wife a 99.9% chance of not being able to conceive. He gave that .1% chance for a miracle. LOL. That’s all God needed. We have FOUR amazing children.

The point of me mentioning this today was to challenge you all. Emily and I are walking billboards on how amazing God has been in our lives. I made a statement today that God is not in control…but He is in charge. I make the comparison by using my children. As much as I love all four of them… I cannot force them to do what I know is right for them. As much instruction, love and support that I give them… I cannot force them to walk through that door. We have been given that authority to walk out our lives in victory. (the death burial and resurrection of Christ took away satans dominion of the earth)

We have been promised to have the ability to do what Christ has done… and even greater things in His name (John 14:12) Along with that we have been tasked to advance His Kingdom. Not waiting. Not storing treasures… but literally bringing Gods glory down.(Matt 6:10) Oftentimes we get caught up in that mindset that Christianity is all about “gathering sheep” … or luring people into “sheep pens” – so our offering plate gets heavy. Or our bestseller book hits the NYT bestseller list. Or our “worship team” can sell you the next platinum worship album. The scripture never said “Come…” as a matter of fact it says, “GO…” (Matt 28)

Exodus 14:14 speaks of God “fighting for you” – we all know that He can “fight” our battles for us. But my take on this passage is not one of a chronological order… but one more of kyros(which is not limited by time) The battle has already been won. The price was paid at the cross.  God literally wants us to take action and MOVE towards that calling. (exodus 14:14-16)

He has delivered that victory over our finances. Our Health. Our relationships. Our careers. He has given us the ability declare victory with our confessions (james 3) Even though at times we may not see that victory anywhere in sight… Imagine Gods people when He told them walk into the red sea… Be encouraged and know that the battle already been won… and that He fights not the BATTLE for you… But he is fighting the battle for your HEART.

Be encouraged and know that he dances and rejoices over you. (zeph 3:17) If this post seems a little “all over the place” … just remember that all of this is just a piece of my heart… being poured into yours. Blessings