If you’re not a good swimmer…


Don’t get in the water. If you are visiting us here in the islands… Please make sure you read our signs. If the sign says “no swimming” what it really says is: “I am the lifeguard that posted this sign because I do not want to save you from drowning.”

With Hawaii dodging 2 hurricanes I felt compelled to write this. Another topic I also find really cool is breathing. Big wave surfers and free divers understand ¬†breathing and relaxing under extreme stress. The world record for a man holding his breath under water is 22 mins and 22 seconds. It’s common knowledge that big wave surfers can easily hold their breath up to five minutes.

Most tourists drown because they panic or simply can’t swim and end up taking in water. learning how to hold ones breath is probably an essential that might help save your life. If you are not a good swimmer or cannot hold your breath for 30 seconds under stress… stay out of our oceans during high surf…or a hurricane. LOL.